Why Is Chiropractic SEO So Important For Chiropractors?

No matter your type of business, having a strong presence online is a necessity. Although word of mouth remains a popular method of advertising, it is not enough for your chiropractic practice. Potential patients are consulting online resources to find a chiropractor. If you do not have a chiropractic website, you will miss out on prospective patients because your practice will not be visible in local search engine results.

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Why SEO Is Important For A Chiropractor

When people type in “chiropractor” in a search engine, there are potentially millions of search results. Without utilizing SEO, your website may never appear in search engine results for local chiropractors. Your website might not even be visible when people are specifically searching for your practice. SEO is essential to prevent your website from becoming buried among the numerous search engine results.

On-page SEO, off-page SEO, and local SEO tactics can make a significant improvement in your chiropractic practice. To be honest, you likely do not have the necessary time to invest in developing an SEO strategy, because much of your time is dedicated to your patients. We will help you out by developing and maintaining your SEO strategy, so you can get back to more important aspects of your business, like the wonderful service you provide to patients so they turn into return patients!

On-Page SEO for Chiropractic Websites

Using on-page SEO consists of ways to help your website rise in the SEO ranks among millions of other search results. On-page tactics helps search engines, such as Google, understand what your website is about, based on what is on your pages.

A good on-page SEO strategy starts with the content on your website. You need well-written, relevant topics. The content should be long enough so when search engines crawl your page, they recognize it as a genuine website, and not spam. Another component of achieving respectable rankings is the appropriate use of keywords. Your keyword density needs to be high enough so search engines view your content as relevant, without overusing keywords and having your website categorized as spam. Since the placement of keywords is also important, we can optimize your keywords.

We use several techniques to help improve SEO on your website. We include important meta-tags in addition to creating simple links (URLs). Integrating social media buttons on your website, such as Facebook and Twitter, will help your website appear popular and current. Outbound links are also important, such as links to popular, authoritative chiropractic sites. Integrating authoritative outbound links can also enhance the authority of your website.

Off-Page SEO for Chiropractors

Although on-page SEO tactics are typically what you think about when considering an overall SEO strategy, off-page tactics are equally important for your marketing strategy. Your online presence is not only about your website, but it should extend to other online modalities.

Some of the best off-page tactics for chiropractic SEO are the most labor-intensive. The most effective approach is using link building. Posting links on relevant websites, forums, and keeping updated social media pages, are other methods of off-page SEO. Submitting press releases and content to relevant websites where you can increase your visibility can also help improve your off-page strategy. These strategies likely sound overwhelming and they are. Allowing us to save you time by taking the task off your hands will save you considerable time and effort, so you can fully dedicate yourself to your practice.

Local SEO Strategy

A major component of SEO that is often overlooked is local SEO. This is not important for businesses that operate strictly online, but when you have a traditional brick-and-mortar business or a hybrid business, local SEO is necessary.

Local SEO plays a critical role for brick-and-mortar businesses, such as chiropractic offices. New clients will likely find you by searching for chiropractors in a specific city, using terms such as “chiropractor in [city and/or state].” Prospective patients likely only want to find chiropractors within their geographic area. If you are not using local SEO strategies, your competitors will rank higher in these search engine results. In all likelihood, potential patients who are doing a local search will find many of your competitors long before finding your website if you do not invest in local SEO.

Local SEO helps search engines determine where your practice is located so people searching for a related term in a specific region will find your website easier. Local SEO strategy is not merely adding an address to your website, although it is an important part. We will handle all aspects of local SEO, which includes the following:

  • Correctly setting up and verifying Google My Business
  • Adding your practice office location to Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Apple Maps
  • Submitting and verifying your office location to various online directories

We also help with your online reviews in business directories. These reviews can give prospective patients a positive feeling about your business and can direct them to your website. Also, better reviews also translates into better search engine rankings.

Now you see how chiropractic SEO is more than simply building a website. Just like chiropractic adjustments take skill, so does chiropractic SEO. You need to right professionals to ensure the job is done right the first time.